I’m Guillaume!


I’m a #nocode freelance developer.

I build web & mobile app using Bubble, Open AI, Xano & Make.

I’m specialized in backend (all the app logic, DB, API, low-/full-code).

Regarding frontend, well … you see it right now : self made  ???? ?

I have 30+ years of experience regarding 3 domains of expertise :

  1. Development : multi language, multi environment, …
  2. Database : Design, Admin, … as a former Oracle DBA
  3. Network and Sys Admin : Network (LAN, WAN, VPN, …) and System engineer and administrator (multi OS, network stacks, app servers, …)

This gives me a strong background regarding tech stacks, tech management and above all : learning. All my tech learning curves are therefore accelerated.

My Portfolio

My portfolio


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